Holy Fellowship
Ministries and Departments


Greeter Ministry

The greeter extends friendly and welcoming hospitality to all that enter into our worship services. Greeters serve with a dynamic smile and charismatic personality.


Benevolence assists the church and community members with special needs during crisis situations: unemployed, housing catastrophe, temporarily disabled/hospitalized, unexpected expenses, etc. They shall coordinate their efforts to seek ways to serve the needs of mankind whenever and however possible.


Bereavement is a period of mourning. It is a difficult time for the family. They need to know that there is love expressed by the church. The committee offers emotional, spiritual and physical support to church members who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The responsibilities may include visiting the home and assisting with funeral arrangements and/or other tasks as needed by the family. Bereavement services are extended to immediate family members only.


The Hospitality ministry of Holy Fellowship is a service auxiliary within the church that serves others in time of need. They function in the role of food preparers, servers, and overall support for the church body.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry captures the sights and sounds of every worship experience. The audio/sound/video technician will record messages and special music presented during regular church worship services and occasional special services. In addition, the technician will adjust and maintain the sound system to ensure a clear and comfortable sound level within the church facility. The technician also keeps an organized library of recordings and provides duplicates for the ministry.

Holy Fellowship youth choir

Music Department

This department consists of all choirs, directors, praise teams, and musicians in the church. The music ministry is designed to create an atmosphere of praise and worship during the corporate church services. The individuals in the music department have a love of music and a passion for making a joyful and pleasing noise unto the Lord.


The Usher Board ministry is composed of those dedicated to “order” in the House of the Lord. This ministry is designed to portray the love that Christ has for all mankind through rendering service to visitors and the congregation. These individuals are hospitable and gracious to others.

Pastor’s Aide

This special unit seeks to assist the pastor in meeting his many needs as he is called upon to perform in service to the church. They function to seek ways to relieve some of the burdens confronting our Pastor and his family. Additionally, they assist the Pastor in fulfilling his clergical duties by seeing that his special attire is in adequate supply and condition for such service.

Nurses/Medical Unit

This ministry is designed to provide medical attention and assistance to those in need during worship services.


The Holy Fellowship Evangelism Department exist to serve as the evangelistic arm of the church, and as the evangelistic ministry on behalf of the Pastor/Bishop. Evangelism is spreading the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we offer support, training, structure and mentorship with accountability to the evangelists of the church. Since every believer should be involved in evangelism, we will offer resources and training for all of the ministerial staff and any saint that desires to effectively win souls for the Kingdom.

Youth Department

The goal of the Holy Fellowship Youth Department is to equip, encourage and prepare the youth to live for Jesus. Our vision is to help them understand who Jesus is and to know how much He loves us. We are investing in our youth and working with them to assure they learn the correct ways to respond to spiritual and social factors.

Our youth department provides classes, programs, activities and events that will help build a strong foundation of faith while encouraging the youth to mature spiritually and seek God’s purpose and plan for their lives. We want to be an example and let our light shine!
Our ministries and activities include Sunday morning Junior Church, Tuesday Bible Study, Vacation Bible Study, Youth Choir, holiday programs and events, fellowships and outings.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Holy Fellowship Hospitality dept.


Men’s Department

Women’s Department
- Youth Department
- Sunshine Band
- Purity Class
Music and Arts
- Music Department
- Drama
- Praise Dance
- Fine Arts
Sunday School (classes for all ages)

Finance Department


Junior Mothers
Pastor’s Aid